The “ Integrated Pitchfork Analysis “ course is a prolific and an ergonomic method that efficiently assists the trader to enhance his trading results, on his way to consistency.


We all know the two possible movements of any market: trending, 70% of the time and sideways, the remaining 30%.The “ Integrated Pitchfork Analysis “is naturally applied, with the same degree of efficiency, to both types of markets, even if  some traders consider it as “the ultimate tool to identify the actual “vibration” of market trends”. In this way, we cover with a single technique the overall market time. This provides a real  edge in our fierce and competitive trading environment.



The Eyes of Truth


When you enter the highly competitive field of trading, the novice trader should be aware that he is up against the finest, sharpest and toughest minds in business. Not only that, consider the following: these people’s economic survival depends upon their best judgement. Using a metaphor we can surely say, “they have the teeth so long and  so scalpel-sharpen that they can scratch the crystal floor of any Exchange”.


Going further, a question inevitably arises: “Is there anything that a novice or a poorly trained trader can do to grab a place under the sun ? ... “


You only have to follow the smart money (read below) and you will promptly reach  the conclusion that the answer is a big  “YES”.


The Rivers of Belief


In order to better understand the situation, you should realize that in 2005 a  large portion of the Chicago Mercantile Exchange (CME) floor traders and Chicago Board of Trade (CBOT) floor traders specialized in practising the pitchfork technique. They rely on it as part of their trading arsenal, in an off-floor environment.


So… sit down and think a moment… if these people having the opulence of the smart money, who are using the best trading techniques that the money can buy, are learning the pitchfork technique, what does it mean? Do they know something that the novices or the non-consistent traders ignore? Once again the answer is a big “YES“.


They are convinced that the pitchfork technique should belong to their trading arsenal, because they have seen it at work… and it works. It’s one of the best ways to consistency…  so they adopted it. While the crowd is still far behind ...


Most of the traders are not familiar with the internal advantages of this method, which constitutes its real edge.


         Many traders know the name of this technique, or have even tried it sparsely, but 

      abandoned … they did not have the  patience, or the adequate training to discover   

      how wrongly they were.




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